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About the course

According to one of the many definitions, logic is a study of proper reasoning. As a systematic discipline, it was founded by Aristotle in 4th century BC. This course is an opportunity to get to know its modern form, an outcome of the rapid and interesting development of formal logic at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. We will discuss the propositional logic, the first-order logic, as well as the famous negative result on the incompleteness of the Peano Arithmetic, known as Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem.
Last updated: 24.09.2008
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Brief information KMA/ML, Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Teaching Winter semester , Summer semester , Lecture 2 [Hours/Week]
Completion Exam, 3 credits,
Course has neither prerequisite nor preclusive nor recommended (for your information) courses...
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Diagram ze spisu "Begriffsschrift" Gottloba Fregeho (1879).
Diagram ze spisu "Begriffsschrift" Gottloba Fregeho (1879).
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Úsek prorektora pro výzkum a vývoj
Prof. RNDr.
Tomáš Kaiser
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Phone: 2627
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Day from To Abbreviation Room
Tuesday 2:50 PM 4:30 PM KMA/TM -
Tuesday 1:55 PM 4:30 PM KMA/TML UC-237
Thursday 1:00 PM 2:40 PM KMA/DMA UC-236
Thursday 1:00 PM 2:40 PM KMA/DMA UC-236

Consultation hours

Week Day from To Room, notes
Každý Úterý 12:50 13:50 UC-230 -- konzultační hodiny na KMA