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La divergencia entre los mundos de dos sujetos no determina la falsedad de uno de ellos. Cada vida es un punto de vista sobre el universo. En rigor, lo que ella ve no lo puede ver otra.

JOSÉ ORTEGA Y GASSET, El tema de nuestro tiempo, p. 86

Last updated: 27.01.2010
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Brief information KSS/SJOS, Spanish for Sociology
Teaching Winter semester , Seminar 4 [Hours/Week]
Completion Exam, 5 credits,
Preclusive courses KRO/SH6  (Spanish for Humanities 6) , KRO/SOS  (Spanish for Sociology)
Course has neither prerequisite nor recommended (for your information) courses...
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Course annotation KSS/SJOS -IS/STAG

The course is intended for the students of Sociology with advanced knowledge of general Spanish and it mainly develops comprehension of Spanish texts for specific purposes. The course focuses on the work with expert texts and it teaches expert terminology and its usage when presenting and creating texts. The exercises are based on the linguistic analysis of authentic materials. The objective is communication on a higher level oriented to expert topics, e.g. the terminology of Sociology. The KRO/SPS course is recommended as a preparatory course.
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