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In modern democracies, lobbing is generally quite a controversial phenomenon. The course will provide a balanced view of lobbying, pointing out both positive and negative ways in which lobbying affects the democratic system. Moreover, it will demonstrate the practicalities of lobbying as well.

Last updated: 29.08.2014
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Brief information KAP/LOB, Lobbying
Teaching Summer semester , Lecture 1 [Hours/Week] Seminar 2 [Hours/Week]
Completion Exam, 4 credits,
Course has neither prerequisite nor preclusive nor recommended (for your information) courses...
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Course annotation KAP/LOB -IS/STAG

Drawing from normative and empirical-analytical research perspective, the course aims at introducing students with the question of interest groups and lobbying. The course will deal with particular actors engaged in lobbying and with key determinants affecting their lobbying strategies. Attention will be paid to the ethical side of lobbying and to the analysis of practical examples of lobbying, from both Czech and European (or global) environment.
This course is intended for postgraduates/Masters students.
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Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Department of Politics and International Relations
Lenka Strnadová
Email only for registered users!
Phone: 1084

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Každý Pondělí 13:45 14:15
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