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La divergencia entre los mundos de dos sujetos no determina la falsedad de uno de ellos. Cada vida es un punto de vista sobre el universo. En rigor, lo que ella ve no lo puede ver otra.

JOSÉ ORTEGA Y GASSET, El tema de nuestro tiempo, p. 86

Last updated: 27.01.2010
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Brief information KFI/SOH, Spanish for Humanities
Teaching Winter semester , Summer semester , Seminar 4 [Hours/Week]
Completion Exam, 5 credits,
Preclusive courses KRO/SH6  (Spanish for Humanities 6) , KRO/SOH  (Spanish for Humanities)
Course has neither prerequisite nor recommended (for your information) courses...
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Course annotation KFI/SOH -IS/STAG

The aim is to teach students analyze and interpret the Spanish scholarly texts of the humanities such as philosophy, religious studies, esthetics and history. To strengthen the students' orientation in scholarly texts by understanding their logical structure as well as by acquiring the terminology. To develop their ability to summarize and express the main theses of the text. To lead students to interest in the scholarly literature of a field they study.
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Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Department of Philosophy
Jana Černá
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Phone: 5575
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Day from To Abbreviation Room
Tuesday 2:50 PM 4:30 PM KFI/AOH RJ-208
Tuesday 4:40 PM 6:20 PM KFI/AOH RJ-208
Tuesday 11:10 AM 12:50 PM KFI/BPS2H SD-204
Tuesday 11:10 AM 12:50 PM KFI/DPS2E SD-204
Saturday 8:25 AM 11:55 AM KFI/AOH SP-108
Saturday 8:25 AM 11:55 AM KFI/AOH SP-417

Consultation hours

Week Day from To Room, notes
Každý Úterý 11:10 12:50 počínaje 21. květnem pouze po předchozí e-mailové domluvě
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