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Zde doplňte motivační text pro studenty i široké publikum.
Last updated: 27.06.2012
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Brief information KAP/AC, Exercises in analysis
Teaching Winter semester , Tutorial 6 [Hours/Week]
Completion Pre-Exam Credit, 6 credits,
Course has neither prerequisite nor preclusive nor recommended (for your information) courses...
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Course annotation KAP/AC -IS/STAG

The course makes use of the knowledge acquired during the previous years of Bachelor or Master study (that´s why it is placed in the second year of Master study), and prepares the student for application and utilization of this knowledge in practice and for practice.
The course stresses synthetic use of students? knowledge and abilities, including deepening their ability to handle information and identification of reliable sources of specific information (corruption, patron-client relations etc.). The course will teach the student to prepare policy papers and feasibility studies for specific projects according to the submitter. As the students have to introduce their processed background material in panel discussions, the course improves their ability to present their output and report recommendations to ?uninformed? public.
The students are given the submitters´ (e. g. state or local government, private company) model requirements and they have to elaborate a background material for project realization or failure. In terms of policy papers and feasibility studies, the students are taught how to make SWOT analyses, political-economical recommendations, etc.
Individual student´s materials will be compared and their methods will be analysed during the course. Part of this course can be realized in the form of student´s guided individual work.
The syllabus and precise credit/exam requirements will be posted on the website of the Department of Politics and International Relations before the first day of the term.
This course is intended for postgraduates/Masters students.
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Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Department of Politics and International Relations
Doc. PhDr.
Šárka Cabadová Waisová
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Consultation hours

Week Day from To Room, notes
Každý Úterý 14,00 15,00 322
Každý Pátek 13,00 14,00
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