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Subject historiography is designed to build a basic overview of the history of historiography. It follows the different stages of development of historiography from antiquity to the present, brings important concepts, historians, and their major works. The course has character and is accompanied by lectures historiographical workshop seminar, where the learner is directly acquainted with historical texts and critical commentary in the form of reading, student presentations and facilitated discussions on selected topics. Students gain the necessary foundation for specialized subjects as ancient historiography, Historiography of the Middle Ages, Modern History and Modern historiography and historical subject for theoretical concept of historiography. An overview of the history of historiography is part of the requirements to the state final examinations.

Last updated: 19.02.2012
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Brief information KHI/HIS, Historiography
Teaching Winter semester , Summer semester , Lecture 2 [Hours/Week] Seminar 1 [Hours/Week]
Completion Pre-Exam Credit, 3 credits,
Course has neither prerequisite nor preclusive nor recommended (for your information) courses...
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Course annotation KHI/HIS -IS/STAG

This discipline is an informative introductory nature, further development of history will be discussed in the master study. In this discipline the student obtains a basic overview of the development of world and Czech history from antiquity through the Middle Ages, humanism, to the modern era expansion of historical science, special attention will be given a modern historiografii.The accent will be placed on familiarization with the major works of historiography in the context of European development. The partial aim is to introduce the possibility of linking the problems of this course and school practice the basics of didactics of history.
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Faculty of Education
Department of History
Doc. PaedDr.
Naděžda Morávková
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Phone: 6600

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